New Video Series Release – Welcome to Autism

We are pleased to release a video series called Welcome to Autism Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Welcome to Autism is a presentation that has been given live around the Province of BC for almost a decade about the journey from assessment through diagnosis and navigating the myriad of information that comes with an autism diagnosis. These videos are produced by Nancy Walton who is a Director of the Autism Support Network and has 19 years experience as a parent of a child with autism and as a facilitator of support and educational meetings.
While these videos are particularly important to parents dealing with a new or potential autism diagnosis for their child, the videos also have a lot to offer to experienced parents and caregivers.
We recommend that ALL parents in this group watch all three videos. Many of the questions that are asked in this group are addressed.
Please view the videos through the links below and leave your feedback on the Youtube site.

Welcome To Autism: Part 1 What now?

Welcome To Autism: Part 2 What Does Quality ABA Look Like

Welcome To Autism: Part 3 How to Hire a Quality Behaviour Consultant (and includes Clinic vs Homebased options)

Running an Effective ABA Team

This video is especially important for parents new to the Autism diagnosis, but can also be helpful to parents who need some new ideas.

Soon to come: ABA in Schools and How to Advocate