Whether or not you have a full diagnosis or assessment completed, if your child has a developmental delay, it is imperative that you start the ball rolling on an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program that will be developed specifically for your child. It will take time to get things in place.

Here is a checklist of things to do:

-Before you begin we suggest watching our web series of Welcome to Autism videos to help you avoid mistakes and help you get the best start for your child: https://autismsupportbc.ca/web-series-workshops/

__ See the Autism Information Services for step by step instructions from the BC government.

__ See “Milburn Drysdale’s” website Autism Funding in BC and read as much as possible for information on where to get diagnosis and for information on all financial issues. In particular, read Setting up an ABA Team to understand the components of the ABA team. This website is set up by an autism dad and can give some good advice to help save you time and money.

__ JOIN OUR MAILING LIST and let us know if you need a consultant. Sometimes we get a heads up on new people coming to town. We will also send you Dr. Sabrina Freeman’s video called Autism: What do I do now? A no nonsense roadmap to fast-tracking your child’s medically necessary autism treatment.

__ Check out ASAT Savvy Consumer (Association for Science in Autism Treatment) and also check out the ASAT site for the latest research and relevant articles.

__ Three good books that will help you better understand ABA are:

__ Attend as many ABA workshops and presentations as possible. See the List of Events or Subscribe to Autism Support Network to receive notices of any upcoming events.

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