There are three reasons to run an Applied Behaviour Analysis program for your child.

The first is that ABA is the ONLY science-based therapy available to treat behaviours associated with autism. It is the only treatment endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics; Office of the US Surgeon General and most State health authorities. Over 40 years of research and litigation have identified this treatment as medically necessary. Supreme Court of Canada (Auton, 2004) agreed that the science behind ABA was not in question. Thirty BC families initiated the landmark Auton case which sought a court order stating that failure to provide publicly funded, medically necessary behavioural treatment for individuals with autism constitutes discrimination and is a violation of the Charter’s section 15 equality provisions.  At the BC Supreme Court the families won and the government was ordered to pay for autism treatment. (click here for Auton trial decision) This is where our autism funding comes from today.

The second is that you want to give your child every opportunity to reach their best outcome. Control group – treatment group studies have shown that up to 47% of children with autism can recover to the point that they are indistinguishable from their peers. By “recovery” we mean that they do not require aides at school, they have friends, they enjoy all of life’s pleasures without assistance. We have seen many children reach their best outcome through quality Applied Behaviour Analysis. You want your child with autism to reach his or her fullest potential. It can be very difficult for children with autism to learn, and even more difficult if they have a lower IQ. ABA can break tasks down to what ever level the child needs, so that learning is easier. All children doing ABA progress if they have a good consultant who can recognize their needs and design programs to target those needs. If progress is not being made, the data will show this and the consultant will implement a new tactic.

The third reason is that living with autism behaviors can be very hard on the family. ABA can help reduce or even eliminate undesirable behaviors of any kind (self injury, screaming, biting, extreme fears, rigidity, nose picking…). This can dramatically improve the quality of family life and the lower stress levels in parents. A strong, healthy family is the best gift we can give a child with autism.


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