Usually your consultant will spend 8 hours or so assessing your child and developing programs, then he/she will meet with the new team and teach them how to deliver the programs. If you have a lead therapist, that person can work with all BIs for the first month to make sure they are all delivering the programs consistently. This is less expensive than paying the consultant to do it, and just as effective (besides, the consultant probably won’t have time to do it). The consultant can overlap the new therapist once they have been trained up, to tweek any outstanding issues.

The next step is to set up the administration of your team. Make sure you read through Autism Funding in BC which is a website designed by a parent (with parent input). Keep networking with other parents to get ideas on how to set up the therapy room, how to keep track of expenses etc. The Autism Support Network will inform you of any workshops on team administration.

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