First, you will have to find a well qualified ABA consultant. You can download the RASP list from Autism Information Services BC, but it is not easy to sort out who is really well qualified. Use the Questions for Interviewing Consultants to help you better understand what you want to look for. You may also want to look at the ABA consumer guidelines. There is a chapter devoted to this issue in Maurices book Behavioral Interventions. Some consultants provide profiles to help narrow down who to call.

Once you have an ABA consultant lined up, you will need to hire a team of Behavior Interventionists (BIs) to work one-on-one with your child. See Connecting Families and Therapists below. New teams should start with 4 to 8 BIs as you may lose one or two within the first month. A child will often start with 20 hours and work up to nearly 40 within a few months. Number of hours will be determined by your consultant. It is important that BIs have at least 3 shifts per week if they are new, so that they get experience intensively. This is a difficult balance to work out. You don’t want to be short of BIs, but you also need to offer enough hours to the BIs. Better to be overbooked, than lose therapy hours.

Upload the list of therapist interview questions. If you download the word document, you can add or remove from this document as you need. You may also be interested in the therapists expectations and ads for therapists.

You can advertise for BIs at local colleges or universities (preferably in the Psychology dept), Starbucks coffee shops, on Craigslist, in the local newspaper. Here are some examples of therapist ads. Or, you can download the Careers in ABA flyer.

For the most part, you will be looking for “green” BIs (those who don’t have any experience). One advantage to this is that the BI will be loyal to your family first and will usually stay longer on the team. You do need at least one experienced BI to be your lead therapist. It is best to look for your experienced BI through featbc chat, through your contacts you make at ABA SN meetings, or through your consultant.

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