Once you have your team up and running, you will have to act as the child’s case manager. You will be the one to make sure everyone is doing their job and doing it well. This is not a job that parents have wanted to have, but your child’s team will work best if you are involved. You will need to “let go” of people who are not working out. This includes BI’s as well as consultants. Always remember that you are not married to your consultant.

If a BI is having difficulty, it might be they simply need more training. It is important to remember this. Growing a green BI is not easy, but the long term results can be fantastic.

If you are feeling that something is not quite right with your team, or you want to discuss any concerns, feel free to contact the Autism Support Network or come to one of the monthly meetings to talk with experienced parents.

You will need to come to terms with financing your team. There are various sources of funding and you can read about these in asdfunding.com. Hopefully you have hired therapists who are in this for the love of what they do and not for the money. A family might be able to throw money at an excellent ABA program for 3 years, but if your child does not recover, you will be wanting to continue ABA support for many years to come. You must then learn how to get the most out of your money without compromising your child’s program.

Please feel free to contact the Autism Support Network at any time if you have any questions or concerns.