Parents of children with autism hire Behavior Interventionists or BIs (sometimes called tutors or therapists) to come into their home to work one-on-one with their child. Sometimes the BI takes the child into the community for lessons (music, gymnastics, swimming etc) or for working on behaviors when in public places.

Programs are developed by an ABA consultant and the BI delivers the programs to the child. There is usually a team of 3 to 5 BIs working with one child. All team members must deliver the programs in the same way. For this reason, there are usually weekly or bi-weekly meetings to share delivery practices.

BI’s are trained by a lead BI for about 15 – 30 hours. They are then supervised by the consultant for fine tuning.

Shifts tend to be 1.5 to 4 hours long. Schedules are often made every semester to accommodate college or university students. BIs may work with children, as young as one year old, and adults.

See our page “Connecting Families and Therapists” for information about posting for BI positions.

5 thoughts on “Careers

  1. I am currently a caregiver in a foster home for higher risk youth from Monday to Thursday. I’m very interested in filling my days off, Friday, Saturday and sunday with a similar job, if this somehow works out with your scheduling I can be reached at 604 762 4754 Dave


  2. Children with autism and special needs
    I live in Surrey I am interested in BI home based ABA program, I have recent criminal record check. At present I am doing voluntary work at elementary school, I also have six years’ experience working with autistic and special needs children in England. I have experience working as ABA, I am passionate about caring for children with special needs . I’m passionate about making a difference in children’s everyday life, I am able to commit 10 -21 hours a week, Monday to Sunday. I have six children I am lucky to share the experience as a parent. At present I am doing voluntary work at elementary school, I am a parent going back to work. I am interested in a career in ABA work.
    am available for work for 2 hours 3 times a week. I would like this opportunity to share my experience and gain valuable techniques to expand my career in ABA work. I would like this opportunity to help children gain rewarding careers so they can have bright future.

    Regards Noreen
    Phone number 604-593-8993


  3. Good morning:

    I have good judgement and problem solving skills, excellent oral and written communication skills. My first language is Spanish and English is my second language.

    I also have strong interpersonal, organisational and communication skills.

    My personality is warm, caring and patient, and I do have strong ability to manage children with challenging behaviours.

    I don’t have a previous experience working as a BI but I definitely know how important it is to find the perfect fit to support every little one, and at the same time how important it is to become a good team player.

    I know, from my personal experience, how important it is to build a strong and professional relationship with every child, so that it is easy to set up strategies and bring them more chances to develop their full potentialities.

    The experience that I do have is as a mother of three little ones, specially through my own son. He is a 5 year old boy that is currently attending to a French Immersion School where he is learning French as his third language, all of this after being diagnosed with sever autism by Sunny Hill in 2012.

    In our journey I know what is to work and being trained by Behaviour Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologists, plus taking a lot of workshops regarding language skills, self regulation strategies for kids, etcetera.

    My previous career was law, but my life experience change mi vocation. My ultimate goal is start studying a Post – Baccalaureate Diploma in Applied Behavioural Analysis with emphasis on Autism at Capilano University. In order to reach it, I need to work as a BI first.

    I’m able to work Monday to Friday Between 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., until January 2017.

    You can ask for my references to:

    Deb Lightman, M.Sc. OT
    Kids First Pediatric Therapy
    #184- 5489 Byrne Road
    Burnaby BC, V5J 3J1

    Judy Crone


    Deer Lake Preschool

    5135 Sperling Avenue,

    Burnaby, BC V5E 2T2

    Phone: (604) 294-4988


    Erika Lawrance, M.Sc., RSLP
    Fraser Health Promotion and Prevention
    Burnaby Public Health Unit
    #105-4946 Canada Way
    Burnaby, BC, V5G 4H7
    Tel: (604) 918-7665 Fax: (604) 918-7660

    My means of transportation is my own car and I do have a valid BC driver licence. I also have a clear criminal record. I do not have CPR-C but I can obtain one ASAP.

    Thank you for your time.

    Catalina Quintana
    (604) 358-3522


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