Parents of children with autism hire Behavior Interventionists or BIs (sometimes called tutors or therapists) to come into their home to work one-on-one with their child. Sometimes the BI takes the child into the community for lessons (music, gymnastics, swimming etc) or for working on behaviors when in public places.

Programs are developed by an ABA consultant and the BI delivers the programs to the child. There is usually a team of 3 to 5 BIs working with one child. All team members must deliver the programs in the same way. For this reason, there are usually weekly or bi-weekly meetings to share delivery practices.

BI’s are trained by a lead BI for about 15 – 30 hours. They are then supervised by the consultant for fine tuning.

Shifts tend to be 1.5 to 4 hours long. Schedules are often made every semester to accommodate college or university students. BIs may work with children, as young as one year old, and adults.

See our page “Connecting Families and Therapists” for information about posting for BI positions.

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