Our board of directors consists of a variety of professionals who are parents of children with autism, and we are also forming an Advisory Panel of community members and Autism Service Providers that we will work with. We strongly believe in “Parents Helping Parents”, we highly value our grassroots beginning will continue to operate with no financial gain.

View our Constitution and Bylaws here.

Dione Costanzo – President

dionebodDione is a mother of two teenage boys and was instrumental in founding the Autism Support Network. Her youngest son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Dione is a freelance Social Media Director and independent business woman.  She is most passionate about ensuring every family and individual has access to science-based autism treatment. Dione has a wealth of experience in advocating for autism treatment and services in BC and is continually supporting other families. Email Dione

Nancy Walton – Treasurer

nancy-2013Nancy, a mother of two, has been involved in meetings with MLA’s, MP’s and School administrators regarding ABA services for all children with ASD, since her son was diagnosed in 2000. She facilitated meetings for parents for 7 years first through the Autism Society of BC and later through The ABA Support Network, an organization which she founded in 2007. She was also one of the founders of the ABA Advisory in the Surrey School District and was instrumental in the development of the ABA Support Worker program in the district. Nancy is a secondary mathematics teacher.  Email Nancy

 Elaine Raynault – Vice President

elaine-profileElaine is one of the founding members of the Autism Support Network. She is passionate about empowering parents and building a strong ABA community, and particularly helping students on the Autism Spectrum access quality ABA support in schools. She is the chairperson for the ABA Advisory to the Surrey School District, on the board for FEAT of BC and also sat on the board for Surrey DPAC. She is a mother to 3 boys, an entrepreneur, and she has been running an ABA program for the last 10 years. Email Elaine

 Barbara McLeod, BEd., MEd. – Director

barbbodBarbara is a retired member of the Faculty of Education at Vancouver Island University. She is a Director for the Qualicum Beach Honours Society and an Executive member of Special Olympics Oceanside. Barbara is the mother of two sons; the youngest, now 23 years old, is on the Autism Spectrum. She and her family have been advocating for autism services for the past 20 years. She is proud to have been involved in the original Auton Case which resulted in autism funding for children under six, and, in appeal, for children over 6, as well as the Hewko Case establishing the right to appropriate access to support in educational services. She is a former Director of FEAT of BC, the Autism Education Society, and, now, the Autism Support Network. She and her husband have planned and implemented a plan for their son’s successful transition to adult life and supported living in his own home. Barbara is passionate about the power of Applied Behaviour Analysis in teaching and learning and the successful inclusion of individuals with special needs in classroom and community settings. Email Barbara

Louise Witt – Secretary

louisebodLouise is a social worker and parent of a child who has autism. She is a member of the Pacific Autism Family Center steering committee and an advocate in the autism community in BC. Email Louise



Michelle Auton – Director

michelle-photoMichelle is a mother of 3, and has been involved in the ABA community for the past 19 years. She and her husband, on behalf of their son, are proud and grateful to have been one of 30 families involved in the Auton case, which resulted in funding for children with autism. Michelle works as a Behaviour Interventionist. More recently she has concentrated on advocating for ABA services for adults. Email Michelle


Jason Philupchuck – Director


Jason is a manager in the software industry.  When not leading his team at work he and his wife spend their time chasing after their three boys.  Their oldest son has autism and is currently in elementary school.  Jason’s older brother is also on the spectrum so Jason has seen first-hand throughout his entire life the importance of advocacy within the autism community and hopes to contribute to that effort through his Board position. Email Jason