do_you_think_this_is_strange-drake_aaron_cully-30462130-4174861890-frntlDo you think this is strange is a novel written by a local father in our community about a teenage boy who lives with autism.  The Autism Support Network is proud to support Aaron Cully Drake and his compelling novel that dares to defy stereotypes! We have a number of signed copies of Do you think this is strange available for purchase. $5.00 of the sale of each book will be donated back to the Autism Support Network.

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This is a perfect gift for therapists, consultants, teachers and family members!



Aaron Cully Drake has written for newspapers and magazines and is a former reporter and editor. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife, son, and autistic daughter, all of whom keep advising him to shut up. Do You Think This Is Strange? is his first novel.



Summary of the novel

Freddy has problems. Some of them are because he’s autistic. Most of them are because he’s a teenager.

When he’s seven years old, Freddy’s mother walks him to the train station, sits him on a bench, kisses his forehead, and disappears from his life. In a few short days, everything changes. His father moves him across town, enrols him in a different school, and takes him away from little Saskia, the only friend he’s ever had.

Ten years later, Freddy is struggling to get through his last year of high school. He painstakingly avoids interactions with other students, who don’t understand his hyper-literal perspective. But then Saskia appears, and she’s different from the laughing little girl he remembers. She no longer smiles, and she doesn’t speak.

As they reconnect, Freddy begins to remember what really happened ten years ago. And everything he thought he knew begins to unravel.

Both humorous and heartbreaking, Do You Think This Is Strange? is a coming-of-age tale you won’t soon forget.