Autism Support Network Board Members are dedicated to improving and increasing access to quality ABA services in the home and in the community for all individuals who may benefit from it.

The Autism Support Network is an organization of families and professionals educating and supporting families about Applied Behavior Analysis and its’ application as a treatment for autism. The Autism Support Network seeks to strengthen our community across British Columbia by building local networks so that families can connect with other families in their own neighborhoods.

As well, the Autism Support Network Directors bring concerns of our members to all government levels to initiate improvements to access to quality ABA treatment. The Autism Support Network participates in these initiatives with other organizations such as:


To create a secure, inclusive community of support, ensuring that families of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have access to quality, science-based treatment, so that those with Autism may reach their full potential.



To be the trusted, recognized Autism support organization, providing resources to families of those with ASD, including information, education and improved access to quality, scientifically-proven Autism treatment.


Our Values

  • Empowering parents/families to access quality, proven, science-based autism treatment
  • Educating the community-at-large of the importance and value of quality ABA-based autism treatment
  • Investing in the future of an inclusive society where individuals with autism can reach their full potential
  • Collaborating with government agencies, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders toward achieving the best possible environment in which the needs of parents can obtain quality services for their children with autism